Share Plan Solutions for Public Companies

Create a network of ownership.

What was once impossible is now possible. Shareworks is a complete integrated solution for domestic and global companies. Bring all your equity data and teams together with a powerful global engine that will help you build a culture of equity ownership.

The new engine of the enterprise.

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Create custom reports with intuitive, drag-and-drop control. Efficiently share with teams across your organisation. Provide decision support quickly.

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Enable employees to view their wealth and make trades, even if they have no previous trading experience. Get everyone engaged.

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Maintain accuracy and data integrity. Audit-ready, transparent and accessible, welcome to a new world of financial reporting flexibility.

Go ahead, go global.

Proactively navigate the complexities of global plans with Shareworks Global Compliance. Reduce risk and expenses with a fast, cost-effective and intuitive approach to global due diligence.

Client Story:

Shareworks Helps Creative Marketplace Redbubble Along Its Global Journey

"The Shareworks team provided a superior service every step of the way. The speed of the transition from our previous platform was incredible."

PAUL GORDON, Redbubble

Company Secretary

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Protect your insiders from start to finish.

Pre-clearance combines process, notifications and reporting so legal and equity teams can handle insider requests in a timely manner and stay compliant with related regulatory requirements.

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Engage and retain.

With the Shareworks Mobile App, give valuable employees a simple, convenient way to access and project their growing wealth wherever they go.

You're in good company.

When is the right time to upgrade?

Whether you plan to remain domestic or someday go global, you’ll begin to experience the benefits of Shareworks immediately. Let us show you how with a free demo.