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Shareworks provides solutions designed for the unique needs of innovative private companies. The Shareworks ecosystem is integrated so everything works together seamlessly for improved accuracy, collaboration and decision making.

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No more exporting and emailing reports from spreadsheets. Our equity administration delivers a new world of collaboration, clarity and simplicity. Share reports from one real-time data source with founders, employees, investors and partners.

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Everyone wants reporting transparency: stakeholders, investors, auditors and partners. Our financial reporting combines power, flexibility and audit-ready accuracy so your numbers are accessible, defendable and safe.

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Organization for your organization.

Managing your cap table with spreadsheets gets more complicated and risk-prone as your business grows. We bring your equity structure and cap table into a clear, shareable view with one cloud-based data source.

Show them the money.

Intuitive design allows employees to easily access their plans wherever they are. Shareworks Participant Experience gives all stakeholders – founding, new and future – a clear, up-to-date picture of their equity, accessible 24/7.

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Plan your trek to the summit.

Is your company on the IPO path? Learn from the pros about what pitfalls to navigate – and discover what tools can help you reach the summit.


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Client Story:

Shareworks Helps Nextdoor Poise Itself For Growth

"The Shareworks team did an awesome job the whole way through, and were always supportive of Nextdoor — both pre- and post-implementation. I really feel that I made the right decision going with Shareworks. "


Nextdoor, Vice-President Finance

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More than service, we offer partnership.

Whether you’re planning to remain private or go public, the Shareworks team works with you as an extension of your team, providing expert guidance through all of your major milestones.