Share Plan Administration

The power to simplify.

Shareworks unifies all your plans, delivering next-generation flexibility and precision so you get the trusted data and timely reports you need.

Make smarter decisions.

Get the right data, right when you need it. Run custom reports on real-time data. Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy. Plus, use the Shareworks “sandbox” test site to model new grants, budget expenses and compare forecasting scenarios quickly, simply and safely.

Illustration of a multiple devices sitting on a desk using Shareworks UK share plan administration software for private companies.

Worry-free integration.

For fast, painless data imports, Shareworks accepts file formats from a wide range of third-party systems to reduce or eliminate the need for manual entry.

Illustration of a someone using Shareworks UK private company shareholder software on a laptop and mobile device.

Real-time collaboration.

What was formerly a linear, tedious process between departments now happens quickly, seamlessly and accurately when everyone has access to the same real-time data.

Illustration of a computer using Shareworks UK global share plan software with two hands pointing to a map on the screen.

Un-taxing mobility.

Keep up with mobile employees. Shareworks tracks tax rates and rules in multiple jurisdictions in real time so you can prorate compensation and withholdings for every employee with ease.

Dedicated service, total support.

Choose the level of Shareworks service that fits your organization best, from access to a pool of expert specialists to outsourced administration that includes a dedicated Client Service Administrator and Relationship Manager.