Making Shareworks More Secure

The Solium team takes security seriously and is continually taking steps to ensure your company and employee information is safe. To make Shareworks more secure for you and for your participants, we are upgrading to TLS 1.2 by November 3, 2017. Make sure your internet browsers are up-to-date to ensure continued access to Shareworks.

What is TLS?

TLS stands for “Transport Layer Security.” It is a protocol that provides privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications. It’s the most widely deployed security protocol used today, and is used for web browsers and other applications that require data to be securely exchanged over a network. TLS ensures that a connection to a remote endpoint is the intended endpoint through encryption and endpoint identity verification.

What is the change?

In order to align with industry best practices for security and data integrity, Shareworks will only support browsers that are TLS 1.2 or higher after November 3, 2017. On that date we will disable previous versions of the encryption protocol, which will prevent those still using them from accessing Shareworks.

After  November 3, 2017, anytime someone logs in to Shareworks from a browser that does not have TLS 1.2, their request will be denied. That means they will not be able to access Shareworks from a non-compliant, non-secure browser.

How can I avoid a service disruption?

Make sure to upgrade to the latest version of your browser to ensure continued Shareworks access.  Otherwise, you and your participants will experience issues. To check if your current browser is compliant, go to  and look at the version section. If it shows that you are using TLS 1.2, you are in the clear.

If your current browser is not compliant, upgrade to the latest version by navigating to Update My Browser to check if there is an update available for you. Update your systems (desktop and mobile) to the latest version to ensure you have the latest security protocols installed.

Where can I go for more information?

Contact your Relationship Manager for more details.