Solium welcomes Capshare.

Capshare is joining the Solium family, and we couldn't be happier.

Solium + Capshare

Since Solium’s inception, we have strived to leverage technology to build the best platform for companies to seamlessly manage their equity plans and for employees to connect with their plans and to their employers. We believed that with Shareworks – a best-in-class platform – we could bring an experience to customers and their employees, which would be unmatched. As we have evolved and grown our organization from a single city to offices around the globe the complexities in our industry have also continued to expand and evolve. Today, not only do successful public companies in all regions of the world require our services, but private company’s needs have also exploded with the requirement for improved ways to manage cap-tables and provide valuations.

At Solium, we believe that companies appreciate the right combination of technology and service to better manage the complexities of their equity-based compensation plans. This has proven to be a good place to stand in the marketplace. Today, we have thousands of companies that rely on the Shareworks platform, from the largest and most complex companies to emerging start-ups. We are humbled by the trust that our customers and partners have placed in us, enabling us to continue to bring innovation to the market. We remain dedicated to bringing even more customers into our rich ecosystem and to building and adapting the technologies that create the best fit for companies at different stages of their maturity. For us, this means not only building new solutions internally, but also acquiring Companies that deliver great technology and bring the same ethos and integrity in how they grow their business and treat their employees.

We’ve found one in Capshare. A company with a passion for the success of early-stage private companies and a business proposition that is laser-focused on meeting their needs.

So … the decision was made that we were better together and we are happy to announce that Solium has acquired Capshare and the great people that are at the heart of their success. This partnership will help us provide private companies with the best equity management and valuation solutions, in a way that allows us the ability to support them from early-stage startup through maturity. Together we can better leverage technology-driven innovation to deliver targeted solutions to our customers throughout their lifecycle and remain true to our belief that the right combination of technology and service best serves our customers.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Capshare as the newest member of the Solium family.

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