Startup Equity Administration

Cap Tables and Equity Plans, Stress Free.

We offer simple equity solutions and valuation support to help you get it right, from the start. We'll keep you organized so you can focus on growing your business.

Designed for startups.

One accurate, real-time data source for your cap table combined with audit-defensible 409A valuations means your company’s equity picture is always up-to-date, accessible and clear to all stakeholders. Version control and paperwork errors are a thing of the past.

Illustration of a man sitting on a chair reviewing his startup electronic stock certificates on a laptop.

Issue electronic stock in seconds.

Save money by getting rid of paper stock certificates and spreadsheet ledgers. Manage all aspects of vesting with a few clicks.

Illustration of a multiple devices sitting on a desk uploading cloud software stocks to Shareworks Startup Edition.

Easy retrieval.

Looking for signed option grants? Need to find the option plan document you authorized a few years ago? Need to get your cap table off manual spreadsheets? Shareworks organizes and stores all relevant equity documents in one place in the cloud.

Illustration of a hand stamping a seal of approval on form 3921 startup document.

Confident disclosures.

Let us take care of all of your equity-related compliance requirements. ASC 718 and year-end annual tax reports. We’ve got you covered so you can get back to your real job — growing your business.

Ready to upload your cap table and run scenario models?

Issue stock today and manage all your equity in one place without getting bogged down in spreadsheets and paperwork. Join the platform trusted by over 10,000+ companies, investors, and lawyers.

Scenario Modeling for Cap Tables

Make informed decisions.

Don’t reinvent the wheel by building scenario models that might not be accurate. Compare term sheets or model your next round in minutes. Use high-performance models – including waterfall analysis – that we have deployed at 4,000+ companies to guide your most important equity decisions.

Startup Equity Managed the Right Way

Find the resources you need to manage equity and cap tables at your startup company. With these tools, you can navigate the world of early-stage equity from granting stock options to modeling term sheets and forecasting scenarios.


A stress-free cap table and 409A valuation is only days away.

Shareworks will record your full equity history including every grant, transfer, sale, repurchase, cancellation, exercise or option grant. If we don’t get your upload done within five days, we’ll refund the entire onboarding fee. Seriously.