Shareworks Compensation

Complete your pay strategy.

Shareworks helps develop, customize and manage the perfect compensation strategy for your company. We help hundreds of companies from seed to IPO recruit and retain top talent.

Make smarter decisions.

Your workforce is your largest and most important investment. Don’t stop at benchmarking. Our integrated global market data is aligned with your company's stage of development to ensure strategic decisions are made on competitive data.

A laptop displaying Shareworks Compensation software on the screen.

Illustration of three people sitting discussing a share-based compensation plan on Shareworks.

Level up.

Eliminate wasted hours spent on choosing job codes and leveling employees. Automated mapping lets you review your workforce against market data immediately.

Illustration of two people using Shareworks Compensation software to looking at compensation data.

Infinite modeling.

Understand how different data cuts, retention, bonus and merit programs affect your budget. Create ranges for every department and level then choose the best cash and equity mix for your company needs.

Illustration of a hand stamping a Shareworks compensation plan document as approved.

Quality you can afford.

Build competitive compensation plans without outrageous consulting and data fees. Hire and keep the right employees for less than what our competitors charge for data alone.

Five Simple Steps

How does Shareworks Compensation work? Follow these five simple steps to plan and implement a complete pay strategy.

  • Input: Tell us about your company and enter your hiring projections.
  • Enter current and new hire cash and equity information into an intuitive data import, organize your company's infrastructure and fine-tune your employee hierarchy.

  • Analyze: Select a preferred data set and benchmark your workforce.
  • Compare company equity and pay to current market data on a global basis and select the best data cuts for company development.

  • Build: Decide on your compensation philosophy and realize the strategy.
  • Gain insight into the true cost of hiring and retention. Create multiple strategies and pick the right one for a competitive cash and equity plan that fits your needs.

  • Budget: Allocate increases for a perfect plan based on affordability.
  • Use development insight based on current market trends and expert 'smart hints' to allocate resources properly.

  • Report: Effectively communicate your results to approval.
  • Generate board-ready information about budget and allocation strategies or quick search to price a job and compare competitive offers.

Plan for growth.

Plan early and plan for growth. As companies are taking longer to exit, they need to plan for continued equity retention and a dwindling option pool. Avoid unnecessary risks with the right tool.

Attract, Retain, Repeat

You need the best talent to drive growth at your company, which is why we provide resources to help you learn the best techniques for attracting and retaining top talent.