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Global compliance, total confidence.

Shareworks offers a fresh approach to due diligence and transforms the way you manage the complex world of global equity plans.

A world of information at your fingertips.

The easy-to-use online database of legal and tax regulations spans more than 170 countries and is updated regularly by a network of top global law firms. Bring daily management in house for a modern, web-based solution.

Shareworks Global Intelligence gives me the confidence and clarity I need to expand our business to unfamiliar territories. The team is highly responsive, provides excellent client service and insights. Whether it’s planning for changes to tax rules, updating incorrectly filed statements or updating rates annually, the Global Intelligence team is an outstanding partner.

Kevin Rauen, Dropbox

Stock Administrator

Stay current, stay ahead.

The compliance dashboard and calendar generates reminders, alerts, and action items for all your plans so you never miss an important date. Get worldwide tax and regulatory updates based on your subscribed countries.

Put the data to work to reduce risk.

Practical tools and detailed reports help you prioritize risk and allocate resources. Rank complexity of legal and tax compliance in any jurisdiction by any award type. Anticipate potential issues based on country and participant count.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Eliminate costly reviews with next-generation communication tools. Employee tax guides can be branded, customized and are automatically updated and reviewed against government tax sites multiple times during the year.

Our global community

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Everything you need for your global due diligence.

  • Legal summary table

  • Compliance rating index

  • Compliance check reporting

  • Full regulatory reports

  • Launch plan manager tool

  • Custom compliance calendar

  • Filing alerts and notifications

  • Sample regulatory filing forms

  • Document library

  • Tax rules and rate summary table

  • Tax band table

  • Tax withholding and reporting table

  • Recharge feasibility table

  • Participant tax guides

  • Monthly regulatory and tax email

  • Auto-add country subscription

  • Additional: Custom participant tax guides

Take the next step.

Learn how our compliance specialists can set up your countries, plan types and configure the tool to quickly set you up for success.


What’s Your Score?

In this white paper, discover how to achieve global regulatory compliance with a balanced scorecard.

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