Section 16 Forms Filing

Section 16 Forms Filing

Mitigate Risk. Automatically. Shareworks is the simple, smart way to protect your company and achieve total compliance with SEC Section 16 filing requirements.

A smarter process for total peace of mind.

Centralize forms filing in real time. Leverage a next-generation workflow to define accountability and duties. Proactively update stakeholders with automated notifications. And manage it all from your desktop directly to EDGAR.

Crystal clear compliance for all.

Every filing detail is easily accessible and searchable. Quickly review any transactions history with The Story Of filing audit trail. And designate secure access by viewers, admins and approvers, all without compromising data.

Time is money. Save both.

Efficiently track and manage filing priority through the dashboard. And store all current and historical filings in one place for easy retrieval. It’s the ultimate organizational tool for filing administrators.

Lower risk. Now at a higher level.

Take your forms filing to the highest level with the powerful duo of forms filing and equity administration. Every insider transaction automatically triggers a customizable workflow to close the risk gap and meet all deadlines confidently.


Everything you need for filing with confidence.

  • Flexible workflow assignment

  • Filing dashboard

  • Footnote catalogue

  • EDGAR one-click filing and status retrieval

  • Test filing and form previews

  • Filing alerts and notifications

  • The Story Of filing audit trail

  • Report generation and management

  • Automatic holding balance calculations

Take the next step.

Learn how our implementation specialists can pull your complete history from EDGAR, create custom workflows and quickly set you up for success.