Financial Reporting

Love your numbers.

Our financial reporting delivers a higher level of confidence. The result is audit-ready accuracy together with complete reporting freedom.

Everything, in one place.

Work with numbers you trust. Accuracy and data integrity for yourself and regulators, auditors and tax authorities all in one place. Expense mobility, corporate tax, journal entries and more are consolidated into one report. And your disclosure tables? Just a click away.

“Preparing our proxy reports and schedules used to take us up to a week. Now, it takes us about an hour to put together the entire proxy binder.”


AVP, Equity Compensation and Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Allocation has never been easier.

For both share- and cost-settled awards, track and prorate any expense to any cost center or department.

Lock down your data.

Clarify your numbers and create an audit trail. Even make adjustments after a period and true- up the following quarter with the convenient expense snapshot feature.

This year’s model. And next year’s.

Modeling takes a giant leap forward with in- application expense scenarios. Confidently and easily answer important “what if?” questions as they arise.

Be nimble, be quick.

Shareworks’s financially bilingual design allows your accounting system to follow you across borders, moving smoothly between ASC 718 and IFRS 2.


The New ASC 718: Insider Insights and Practical Perspectives

Get the low-down on the new ASC 718 with FASB, PwC and Solium.

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