Today we are excited to announce a new chapter in Solium’s journey and a new chapter for our industry

Morgan Stanley has agreed to acquire Solium.

Read the Morgan Stanley press release here.

Read the Solium press release here.

This is an exciting moment for Solium, Morgan Stanley and most importantly our customers. The acquisition combines Solium’s leading technology, global operations and customer service with Morgan Stanley’s existing equity administration and Workplace Wealth businesses.

We are creating a global market leader in Equity Administration, offering a complete set of solutions to meet the challenge of managing equity plans for corporate issuers around the globe. And we are going to connect a leading investment bank on IPOs with our leading private market offering that supports companies from early-stage to “unicorn”.

This all started for Solium in 2002 when there were 20 of us in the office fighting for our existence, with the ambition of becoming the best at what we do – managing employee share plans. Since then we have posted 15 straight years of revenue growth profits and with 800 employees in 7 countries. We have the privilege to work with some of the world’s most exciting companies and trusted brands every day delivering world-class software and services.

Morgan Stanley understands that wealth is created in the workplace and they have made a commitment to bring innovation and products to this market alongside their traditional wealth management offering. Joining forces with Solium adds the power of a global equity administration platform supported by our unified sales and service team. We are creating something truly novel for our customers.

Solium will continue to deliver industry-leading service and technology, with Calgary, Canada as our head office, maintaining our regional offices and with Shareworks at the core. The Solium leadership team will remain in place, coming together with the Morgan Stanley team.

We will continue to work to find solutions for our customers to better manage equity compensation plans using the right balance of technology and service. Every day we strive to deliver on the promise of simplifying the complexities of equity administration – helping you more efficiently manage the challenges of regulatory, compliance and human capital.


For our team at Solium, we care deeply about the company and culture that we created. As we move forward with this change, we anchor upon the opportunity to innovate for our customers and build upon an industry-leading equity plan solution. We believe we will accomplish this faster than we could have alone.

This acquisition is all is about adding rocket fuel to accelerate growth.

Lastly, thank-you. Thank-you to our customers, our partners, and especially our team for creating something special and being on this journey together!