Liquidity Events

Tender offers simplified.

Now private company employees can convert equity to liquidity as easily as their public counterparts through tender offers.

Liquidity without the IPO.

Shareworks enables private companies to run tender offers to attract and retain employees. Companies can initiate an event, manage it efficiently and finish with certainty. Now you’re free to run events as often as you like.

A laptop displaying Shareworks Liquidity Events on the screen.

Illustration of three people reviewing Shareworks liquidity events on their computers.

Intuitive interface.

Access and transacting through Shareworks is a snap. The participant experience gives a clear picture and workflow. Everything is easy to find, including support.

Illustration of a someone using Shareworks liquidity events to review tender offer buybacks on a laptop and mobile device.

Simple from start to finish.

What was once a cumbersome undertaking is now smart and streamlined. Quickly configure dates, maximum amounts and eligible population. Attach the transactional agreement.

Illustration of a lock being used to demonstrate secure tender offer buybacks.

One version of truth.

Keep all your information in one secure place. With Shareworks, your data is centralized and your cap table is up to date. Easily share event details with internal teams and stakeholders.


Everything you need to seamlessly manage liquidity events from start to finish.

  • Updated cap table

  • Maximum transaction value control

  • Pro rata for oversubscribed events

  • Real-time subscription status

  • Customizable participant notifications

  • Participation documents integrated with workflow

  • Disperse funds directly to participants

  • Combined 1099s

Take the next step.

Request a product demonstration and learn how Shareworks can help you manage your next liquidity event and engage employees!

What Does Liquidity Mean to You?

Looking for liquidity? Read up on what liquidity options are right for your company, your participants and your shareholders with resources from subject matter experts who’ve helped major companies through IPOs and tender offers.