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Patty Brown, CEP

Director, Partner Relations for Solium Institutional Services

Patricia Brown has more than 30 years’ experience in equity compensation and is also the Director Partner Relations for Solium Institution Services. In this role, she serves as the Relationship Manager for one of Solium’s largest US partners, ensuring their successful experience with Solium and Shareworks.

Patricia has held various positions within Solium, including the Director, Knowledge Marketing where she was responsible for a variety of aspects of Solium’s interaction with the equity compensation industry, including coordination of Synergy’s session planning, Solium staff industry speaking engagements and global coordination of Solium’s involvement in industry award program such as the GEO Awards.

Previously, she was the Director of Product Management for Transcentive Express and Transcentive Express Stock Purchase.  Past roles include Account Manager for the Transcentive Outsourcing group, where she was responsible for administrator training and relationship management for a broad array of clients. Prior to joining Solium, Patricia was the Director of Stock Programs for a large public healthcare company, where she was responsible for all aspects of their equity compensation program.

Patricia was a member of the technical oversight board for the CEPI’s Restricted Stock and Restricted Stock Units and the Performance Awards GPS publications and currently is a member of the CEPI Certification Council.

Patricia has been a speaker on administrative issues and other topics at the NASPP Annual Conference, NASPP local chapter meetings, GEO National Conference and Solium events. Patricia earned her CEP designation in 2006 and is a long-standing member of NASPP.

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