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Global Tax and Regulatory Update: June 2019

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This email is part of our updating service. If you have any queries on any of the updates or you no longer wish to receive these emails at all you can change the settings here, or contact Solium Global Compliance at gc_communications@solium.com.

Please note, this is a general guide only and we accept no liability for any loss caused by acting upon or refraining from acting upon the advice contained in this email. While we take every care to ensure the accuracy of the information, there may still have been minor changes in these countries (to the tax rates etc.) or changes that we are unaware of at Solium Global Compliance. There may also have been changes before the date of the Solium Global Compliance update or changes which affect your plans due to the specific nature of your share plans. We would recommend that you consult local lawyers before acting on any of the information above.

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