Welcome to the New Shareworks Participant Experience for North American Public Companies

We’re excited to introduce a new participant interface experience to our North American public companies. Participants will experience this new interface on May 7 when they log in, but will have the option to choose the “classic” experience for a period of time.

Why the change? We listened to your participants! This redesign was an opportunity for us act on your employees’ feedback. We redesigned the navigation to make it easier for employees to see their equity, make plans with it and get their money!

The new experience is intuitive, clean and gives your participants a clearer picture of what’s happening in their Shareworks accounts.

Share the highlights below with your employees! 


New features for employees

My wealth at a glance

There’s no guessing. Now you can see your total portfolio at a glance and understand how much is available today and in the future. If you’ve been saving up for a vacation, wedding, a college degree or a diamond-studded dog collar for your pug, you’ve got today’s value front and center.


What I have right now

Now you can see what shares are available to transact — across all plan types. All vested amounts (as well as unvested amounts) are now clearly summarized. Your total portfolio at a glance!


What’s coming up? What’s in progress?

Just want to know when that next event is coming? You won’t have to dig around to find out. The new timeline bar provides a quick glance at future vesting dates and other events. You can easily see transactions in progress as they settle, and past events such as contributions, share purchases and transactions. Drill through for more details if you want real-time status on the movement of your money.


Other noteworthy mentions

  • Outstanding tasks — If you have any outstanding tasks in Shareworks, they will be front and center on your dashboard. Through these messages and system alerts, we keep you informed.


  • Filters — We’ve introduced filters that enable you to see specific account activity. Want a snapshot of the past year as you’re preparing for your tax return? Just filter away and then drill down to get all the detail you need around a particular release or withdrawal.

Setting you up for success

We can’t sign off without a big thank you for letting us spend time with you and for contributing your ideas. We learned a lot from these conversations and look forward to continuously improving your Shareworks experience. From the introduction of the Mobile App, to our new online Support Center — and now a new interface — we’re here to help you help yourself!

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