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Industry Trends

Aug 23 Fri

Lion Taming 101 - How to Manage Your Executives

9:00 AM PDT

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Sometimes managing your executives can feel a little like lion taming! How do you keep them in line when you don’t have a cage and a large whip? Filing Section 16 forms, monitoring blackouts, and avoiding any insider trading can be hard work, and you may feel that your participants are fighting you at every turn. Join this webinar to help you take another look at how to manage these processes without joining the circus or pulling out your hair! The webinar will take a detailed look at: important elements and aspects of a pre-clearance program, automated forms filing – does this make sense for your organization? 10b5-1 plans - don’t let them bite you! As well as audit trails and reporting. Experts from two Executive Service Teams (Matt Bezverkov, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, and Rich Baker, CEP, Morgan Stanley) will show how technology, customer service and communication play important roles in those processes.

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