(April 21, 2011) – Solium Capital is excited to announce that it has totally revitalized its software’s custom reporting capabilities, and effective today, now offers Shareworks users an innovative and user friendly reporting experience they can’t get from any other software on the market today. The enhanced reporting engine was designed based on current client feedback and offers users more flexibility and automation than ever before in running reports. Shareworks’ new Ad Hoc Reporting engine also offers users:

  • Increased customization: Through simple drag and drop functionality, users can customize reports to a degree they never could before, and can see changes immediately, in one screen. Each report can be customized by name, description, tag and category, as well as date parameters. Users can also customize each report’s format and layout. This functionality is also available for all pre-configured reports in Shareworks.
  • Enhanced tracking and manipulation: Users have more control and confidence in their reporting processes knowing that ad hoc reports can easily be added, cloned, edited and deleted. Whenever an action takes place on an ad hoc report, Shareworks tracks the activity and records the information so that users don’t have to worry about saving old versions. Deleted ad hoc reports may also be re-instated to previous versions from a click of the mouse.
  • Advanced searching and filtering tools: A new Custom Employee Search interface was designed to significantly improve flexibility when filtering employees by criteria, making it much easier to run reports for specific employees. Reports can also be tagged as ‘favorites’ to help users easily find and identify them.
  • Flexible scheduling: Each ad hoc report can be custom scheduled to run automatically, saving plan administrators time and effort.

“Ad Hoc Reporting is the product of many months of gathering clients’ feedback about how their reporting process could be made easier, and then developing that feedback into the most user friendly and functional software possible. We are thrilled to be able to offer Shareworks users a reporting experience that is totally unique in the market right now and that reinforces Solium’s commitment to the continual development of software that meets and exceeds the needs of today’s plan managers.” Chi Hoang, Chief Architect, Solium Capital

For more information about Ad Hoc Reporting, please get in touch with us at solutions@solium.com

About Solium Capital
Solium Capital (TSX: SUM) is a leading provider of technology and services, specializing in the administration and execution of equity-based incentive and savings plans. With more than 1,600 clients globally, Solium offers a wide range of products and service models, including StockVantage, Shareworks® and Express Options Equity Suite™, with the goal of enabling public and private corporations of all sizes to automate and manage all stock option and stock purchases plans, as well as simplify their regulatory and financial reporting. For more information please visit www.www.shareworks.com.