Shelton, CT, April 14, 2011 – Solium Capital Inc., the market leader of equity plan solutions, announced today that its subsidiary Solium Transcentive has released the Express Equity Suite Version 13, which includes the Express Options™ software solution.

Express Options Version 13 contains the first equity compensation software that supports Mobility taxation as a standard feature set. Express Options Mobility Taxation functionality includes the ability to:

  • Track mobile employees during the life of a grant to determine proper taxation upon exercise.
  • Specify participants as ‘mobile’ employees.
  • Create assignment records (containing effective dates, home location data, work location data, tax allocations applicable to the assignment, including user defined fields).
  • Define tax codes on a grant level for mobile grants.
  • Apply advanced taxation logic to determine the source of tax code allocations (i.e. Grant, assignment or legacy).
  • Mobility Import File Layouts have been created in a character separated flexible file format, which allows users to define the field list and order.

Other features in Version 13 include:

  • Ability to accelerate shares to cover the tax obligation for retirement eligible grants.
  • Upgrade of the integrated reporting system to Crystal Reports Version XI.
  • Support for Windows Vista Business and Windows 7 Professional operating systems.

“Express Equity Suite Version 13 represents a significant advance in this market leading technology platform and will provide our customers with the optimal solution to continue to meet their equity administration and compliance needs.” Joe Potenza, President Solium Transcentive

Update on Integration In the five months since Solium acquired Transcentive we are pleased to report that the integration and transition has been proceeding exceptionally well, with a strong commitment by both clients and staff to the Transcentive business and its service model. Solium continues to reinforce its market leading position with the most comprehensive suite of products in the market. Shareworks and the Express Equity Suite product offerings service more than 1,600 corporate customers. Solium offers a broad set of service models including full-service administration, self-administration, and 3rd party brokerage integration.

“We are very pleased with the progress our firms have made since the acquisition and our continued commitment and investment to bringing the best and most comprehensive product offering to our customers and partners. Our teams have integrated exceptionally well together, and Solium’s customers benefit from having one of the largest dedicated equity administration teams in the market.” Marcos Lopez, Managing Director.

About Solium Capital

Solium Capital (TSX: SUM) is a leading provider of technology and services, specializing in the administration and execution of equity-based incentive and savings plans. With more than 1,600 clients globally, Solium offers a wide range of products and service models, including Shareworks®, StockVantage™, and Express Options Equity Suite™, with the goal of enabling public and private corporations of all sizes to automate and manage all stock option and stock purchases plans, as well as simplify their regulatory and financial reporting. For more information please visit

About Solium Transcentive

Solium Transcentive, is the equity plan solutions provider of choice for over 30 years for companies worldwide and delivers a comprehensive range of technology and advisory solutions to meet the needs of today’s equity compensation environment. Solium acquired Transcentive on November 8, 2010 as part of its continued focus on becoming the global leader in equity compensation plans. Transcentive developed, maintains and markets the Express Equity™ suite of products, which includes Express Options, Express Stock Purchase, Express Desktop, and Express Share Tracking. For more information please visit