Calgary, Alberta, (September 2009) – Founded in September 1999, Solium Capital Inc. (TSX:SUM) celebrates its 10th year as a leader in stock plan administration. Grown from an idea to utilize the latest web based tools to revolutionize how stock plans are administrated, Solium’s proprietary application – Shareworks – supports more than 600 publicly traded companies in North America.

Over the past decade, Solium has compiled a rich history of leadership and growth. Significant milestones include establishing operations in both Canada and the United States, becoming a public company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:SUM), and successfully completing the acquisitions of Stormworks Ltd., Bitonic Solutions and Allecon Stock Associates. The original architecture of Shareworks™ remains today but has undergone substantial enhancements
and upgrades which has positioned it today as the leading application for addressing complex and global requirements in administering all types of stock plans.

“With enviable year-over-year growth since its creation in 1999, Solium has emerged as a revered and influential force in the stock plan
administration industry. A decade of independent innovation and an unrelenting commitment to client service has allowed Solium to become the dominant
global technology leader in our industry. It’s with gratitude that I thank our customers, partners and dedicated team, past and present, for their continued
support and considerable contributions to our history of success.”

– Jeff English, CEO of Solium Capital Inc.

About Solium Capital

Solium Capital Inc. (TSX: SUM) is a leading global provider of web-based stock plan administration technology and services. Solium’s integrated solutions enable corporations to automate and manage all stock option and stock purchase
plan types, including comprehensive regulatory and financial reporting. Founded in 1999, Solium has since been a disruptive force in the industry, thanks to its proprietary technology Shareworks™ and its innovative approach to simplifying stock plan administration.